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Is anyone really free, Asks Quine

Romans 6:16-19  Slaves to the One You Obey

Words yield such power.  For example, the word “Freedom” conjures passion and inspires courage.  The opportunity for political freedom stirs populations; the hope for personal freedom inspires faith.  While it is true we are free at last from sin through faith in Christ Jesus, absolute autonomy is never our goal.  Thank God that though we were slaves to sin we have been set free from its power and bondage, but not to be free.  The goal is to become slaves of righteousness.  The choice is not absolute freedom, but now free to choose our master.  This is Dr. Jay Quine reminding you of this word of liberation.  You are slaves to the one you obey, either of sin resulting in death, or a slave of obedience resulting in righteousness.  Choose whom you will serve as your master.  It is one or the other!

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