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Writings of Dr. Jay Quine -- The Bubbling of the Truth

he power of the word often comes from the memorable images it forms.  My goal is to help you Remember the word day-by-day.  Today it is the word “suppress.”

We use the word “suppress” to describe holding something down, like a beach ball underwater.  All that air under the water is unnatural; driving the ball to pop back up to the surface.

The Bible uses the word “suppress” to describe the unnatural holding down of truth.  For example, it says we “suppress the truth” that God exists.  We “suppress the truth” that the Lord is lovingly involved in our lives.  But everywhere we look we see the presence of God.  Creation is irreducibly complex; pointing to a complex designer.  The Designer is God.  Likewise we think we are on our own, and don’t see the influence of the Lord in our lives.  But He is right there with you as you read

this blog!  This is Dr. Jay A. Quine.  Don’t suppress the truth but let the presence of God bubble up in your life.

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